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The Development of Civil Law

Civil law is a particular legal system that has been inspired and based on Roman legal system which is known as the Code of Justinian, the core characteristics of this legal system are composed into a particular piece of collection, arranged and not (as in common law) determined by judges. The word Civil Law is used to highlight those particular legal rules that work on the civil relationships between people, for example contracts, neighbor disputes, divorces, marriages, creditors etc. it is a legal system that is based on English common law, that has been developed through the decisions that are determined through judges. Some characteristics had been arranged by statutes. It works as the pillars of the legal system in USA, Canada and England. It basically aims to control and oversee relationships between people, and between people and organizations.

  • Aim of Civil law

It basically aims to control and oversee relationships between people, and between people and organizations.

  • Commencement of action in Civil law

Commencement of action is by a person or a company suing some other individual or organization. Burden of Proof

  • Burden of Proof in Civil law

Burden of Proof is on the person or organization which has sued, to prove their claim on the balance of probabilities

  • Venue

Venue where the hearings take place is either County Court or High Court.

  • Outcome

Outcome can be that the defendant is or is not guilty

  • Remedies in Civil Law

In Civil Law Remedy can be damages or an injunction or an order for specific action.

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