What is Medical Law?

Medical law is the group of legal rules and regulations related to the rights and responsibilities of medically involved professionals and the medical patients of all sorts. This particular area of law focuses on some important aspects that include confidentiality of patients’ data, negligence and other torts that are concerned with the medical treatment mainly medical malpractice, and criminal law and ethical conduct.

Importance of Confidentiality in the field of Medical Law

Going back to the English Common Law Confidentiality is a well-known tradition among the doctors and their patients from a long time.

Medical doctors and mental health professionals have long had a tradition of confidentiality with their patients, dating back to the English Common Law. However, this particular tradition has become much more systemized in past couple of year, so if during in the course of diagnosis or treatment anything said by a patient to a doctor or mental health professional is highly privileged and maintained confidential unless the individual expresses certain intentions to harm himself or anyone else.

Due to the arrival of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA extra care and attention is given to reinforcement and expansion of v confidentiality.

This federal law had been created to look after several issues related to increasingly mobile and connected nature of our culture, and created several safeguards based on legalities, which also include protection of the confidentiality of an individual’s mental and medical health data. This particular Act gave rise to several new, formal needs regarding disclosure of information, certain ways in which information can be transformed and exchanged, and making sure that patient’s information is kept highly confidential. Significant liability can be faced by those who disobey and who violate the Act. Students of medical law, during their academic career, are taught about the importance of patient’s data confidentiality, with the help of Medical Law assignments related top ethics.

Negligence and Other Torts in the Medical Law

Undoubtedly there is a huge difference between those diagnosing and treating others as a profession and a passerby on the street who render aid, as medical professionals are held to a higher standard. Medical law is highly focused towards Malpractice, is highly concerned with all the liabilities of a medical or mental health professional in case there is an error or negligence in the proper diagnosis or required treatment of any particular patient, which can result in his death or any injury. But there are other torts as well that medical law identifies, for example there is a possibility that a doctor makes an attempt to defame any of his patients by unethically disclosing his false medical information. There are several other torts as well, for that reason if you are working in the medical field as a professional you should always be concerned about limiting your exposure, you should make an effort by contacting a lawyer who can review your case and suggest you about to reduce your liability profile in the best way possible.

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