What is Tort Law?

Tort Law is a particular area of law, which helps in getting the rights of the people and provide them assistance to stand against any type of harm that is being done to them by someone. Tort law revolves around the idea that people have to face the consequences of the actions they do, whether the action is intentional or unintentional, if there is any type of harm that is being caused by any person or anything. Torts are the civil wrong doings due to which the civil lawsuits take place.

Effect of Tort Law in UK

Tort law in UK consist of certain rules and regulations laws that help individuals to seek compensation for illegal act committed against them by someone. When individual’s actions become a reason of any type of harm to someone, doesn’t matter if it is physical harm to any person, or harm to his property or reputation, the person or organization who has been harmed or injured may seek assistance with the help of court of law.

The Type of Damages in Tort Law in the UK

Damages are the monetary award ordered by the court the party at fault, to be paid to the party that has faced the injury. Damages are basically the compensation that is given to the injured party for loss of, or damage to, personal or real property, an injury, or for a financial loss they had to face due to the acts of the party at fault, by the orders of the court.

There are several types of damages that can be awarded by the court for civil wrong doings. These civil wrong doings are also called “tortious conduct,”. Damages may include Loss of earning capacity, Pain and suffering, Reimbursement for loss in property or damage in property, Punitive damages, and Medical expenses etc.

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